Jim Akagi | Renton Washington

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SEO, Search Engine Optimization

I have extensive and progressive work experience in the Digital Production and Marketing field. SEO is a very complex, dynamic, and yet fascinating subject to me. I have created various websites for different industries, including e-commerce business, SAAS products, and financial agencies as a Web Content and Development professional with SEO in mind. Many of my projects have included many complex SEO management projects that have helped with marketing goals that have paid big dividends in the overall bottom line.

With AI technology, Search Engines can think more like we humans think now, matching search results with search intent. Therefore, the overall SEO strategy has to be changed. SEO, therefore, is much more than just meta tags and keywords now.

Actions taken in the past with outcomes:

– Having made and/or improved upon the discoverability and accessibility of a plethora of websites, and landing pages.
– Proven keyword analysis and research for a proven and very effective content strategy.
– Gained a very expansive audience exposure for many campaigns through thoughtful Social Media strategy and tactics.
– Improved many company websites to increase traffic for very specific high and low competition SI’s (Search Intent).
– Helped educate, evangelize, and plan the right strategies and best practices in all companies that I’ve ever worked for to help bring about new and increased conversions, visitors, and CTR’s.
– Executed the planning of marketing priorities that deliver real-world results for higher satisfaction of Semantic Search-dynamics. This increased traffic to site, and led to more conversions for the goals that we’ve set in place.
– Improved time-spent-on-page with higher customer engagement.
– Refined for a better and strict focus on meeting the requirements of PQR’s standards, by providing the necessary and evidential components of the specific search signals that are required of YMYL websites.
– Gained higher ranking in SERPs for specific Search Intent by increasing the websites E.A.T. signals.