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The importance of JSON-LD

Why JSON-LD? What is it for, and why… JavaScript Object Notation Link Data Linked Data is important because it gives webmasters the ability to publish very specific information about their web pages. Speaking specifically on JSON-LD, the standards-based (set by the organizations like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yandex), machine-readable information is used[…]

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The Art and Sciences of Marketing

let me show you why marketing is so much more interesting than you think… Empathy and its role in Marketing One of 2 of my favorite sessions at the Seattle Interactive Conference held in Seattle, October 2019, was on the significance of Empathy in Marketing. The instructor describes “Empathy” as being the[…]

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YMYL and what it means to you…

herein lies a quick and dirty explanation of what ymyl is… YMYL defined (updated 11/07/2019) There are a myriad of SEO acronyms that you need to keep track of. One that is ultra important to learn and know is “YMYL”. “Your Money, Your Life”. But be sure to understand that[…]

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Social media as part of your marketing body

(Strategy) Define, identify, and set the priorities. The purpose of this step is to identify what the priority and focus is. Once we have the intent clearly identified, we now can start with the planning phase of how we will achieve our goal(s). The best definition I’ve ever heard for[…]

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