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Is there a shelf life to brand strategy?

We discover what reasons, if any, are worthy of rebranding and why…

What is the shelf life of a brand strategy?

“If a brand strategy is created well, then your brand strategy is something that should last for years, if not decades. There are three scenarios when I would change my brand strategy:

  • The first is if your target customer has changed in a meaningful way.
  • The second scenario is if my competitive frame of reference has changed or if my competitive frame of reference has evolved so that what used to be an advantage that I had over this competitor is now not an advantage anymore.
  • The third scenario is if my own business’s strengths have changed. Any of these scenarios would call for an update to my business’s brand strategy.”

– Lindsay Pedersen

I found the video and information super interesting and helpful, so I HAD to blog about it. I completely agree with what Lindsay says here. As we all know, a brand needs to be consistent for as long as possible. But there are times when a brand strategy needs to be changed up. The brand exists to serve it’s customers, after all. So, as the needs of their demands change, so do the dynamics of everything else that relates to it must change. The only constant in the world, is change. And when smartly done, the players in the infinite game continue to perpetuate the game they are in.

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