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Marketing Mix.

I might be showing my age here with this photo of the famous and elite athlete, Bo Jackson, but I don’t care. I think the photo of Bo is fitting for a guy like myself. Why? Good question! When I was a kid, I was super-influenced by what was going on with famous athletes of the world. I remember the idolization and fascination I had with athletes way back then. I simply…wanted to be just like them. One athlete in particular, Bo Jackson. He could do it all! He could play baseball, football, ride a horse, shoot archery, excelled in track and field sports, and was a gentleman to everyone. Yup, I idolized him to the full extent that a young little boy could.

As I have grown older (and somewhat wiser), I’ve come to understand what it was about Bo that appealed to me. It was his renaissance’ness. (Yes, a word that I just now made up.) What I mean is that I appreciate men and woman who are able to do a lot of things, and do those things well. I admire those men and woman who aren’t pigeonholed into just one thing in their lives. There is more to life than to just be good at one thing.

Moving on and what it all boils down to…

I have been a part of Digital Marketing in one facet or another, for the past 20ish years. I simply love Marketing! I’ve been called upon to do everything from Email Marketing, touch up images in Photoshop, write content, develop websites, manage SSL certs, buy domains for companies, manage promotions and complex campaigns, spearhead all-up marketing for start-ups, run SEO management and CRO management for 2 fortune 500 companies, and plenty more etc’s… Why was I given the opportunity to do all of these things? Because I never said “no”. My wife taught me a valuable lesson some years ago; “Everything happens for a reason.” I find so much truth in that. After learning one skill, I was always able to use that skill or experience in the next stage of my digital marketing career.

Having all of this Marketing Mix experience has empowered me to be mindful of the whole marketing sphere. I see and make connections between things like: marketing emails, and CRM’s, I see how marketing email development can be crucial to a business’ brand when reaching out to a prospective lead for the first time, I understand the vital nature of page titles and meta descriptions for SEO. I also understand how empathy is inextricably connected to Search Intent.

And the best part is that I’m hungry for more. Lots, and lots more. I’m starving for more marketing wins. I truly believe my best days are yet ahead of me; and not behind me.