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A quick 5-minute read on my thoughts on SEO.

I love SEO soooooo much. There are a lot of reasons why I love it so much. The main reason why I love it so much is that SEO is very complex with a lot of moving parts. Take that coupled with the fact that I love to organize things and it’s like a match made in heaven. I live a pretty organized life. If you came to my house and took a peek in my garage, you would see all of my tools neatly assorted and tucked away in their respective drawers of my big tool chest. All of my motorcycle parts and accessories are neatly put in their places. – I love a neat and tidy place.

Moving on… SEO for a lot of companies is not usually something that is prioritized as well as it should be. Why is that? I think for 2 reasons; because it takes a lot of work and a lot of coordination. Take for instance if a company wanted to increase their CTR on their top 50 pages in SEARCH. A very thorough SEO analysis and report would need to be made to determine where this company is, what course of action(s) to take, build a road map that all of the departments can agree and shake hands to, determine what items within that analysis report to prioritize, and then lastly to measure the analog of the before/after. Since “we cannot manage what we don’t measure”, a thorough reporting from the analytics dept would be needed as well to prove or disprove the proposed progress. – That’s a LOT of work and time spent on just this one initiative.

But is it worth it?
Indeed it is. Succinctly put: Google.com is the worlds leading website. Meaning www.google.com is the most visited website in the world. It is more widely used than any other website, ever. And there is no sign that this will change. With Mobile Search beating out Desktop Search, it is getting more and more important that your website is optimized for the mobile viewport. Think “Mobile First”. Well…first think Search Intent, then Mobile First. These 2 things will spell a big “WIN” for you and your company’s website.